Tips and Tricks for Paying Attention

“Help I can’t focus!”

Do you have trouble sitting still?

Are you easily distracted?

Do you have a hard time staying focused?


We can help! 

Whether you’re a daydreamer, a fidgeter, or all of the above, learning to focus can be difficult.

It may seem impossible now, but it will get easier.

Developing this skill will make a huge difference in your everyday activities and will take you through school and life.

Day by day, you will get better.

So, we have put together a list of tricks to help you stay in focus!


You can do it!

1.  Exercise, exercise, exercise!!!

Many people don’t know this, but exercising is a great way to improve focus. Moving your body motivates your brain and helps you think and learn better!

Tip: Join a sports team, take a dance class, go on a walk, go bike riding, or do anything enjoyable to you that gets your body moving!

2.  Don't be afraid to take breaks.

Your brain can get tired after working too long, so make sure to come up for air every once in a while!

Tip: Get up, move around, get a drink, and eat a snack if you need one! No one can focus on an empty stomach. Try not to get distracted during your relaxation time!

3.  Turn off all electronics (unless needed for homework).

It’s really easy to get off track when you’re surrounded by so many distractions! Keep your focus on your current assignment and do your best to cut out all other possible disruptions.

Tip: Stay away from anything that may tempt you to lose focus (computers, phones, televisions, etc.). If someone near you is making noise or being distracting, move away from them!

4.  Change your diet!

Just eating healthy can make a world of difference. Eating the right foods can boost your productivity and make it easier to stay focused. Stick to a balanced diet and stay away from junk food.

Tip: Eat lots of fruit and vegetables! Never skip breakfast. You need to start your day off strong! Remember to drink lots of milk and try oatmeal, whole-grain cereal (like Cheerios!), and eggs!

5.  Get enough sleep.

Getting the right amount of sleep is key to being in focus. If you’re sleep deprived, your brain is too tired to think straight! Give yourself the rest you need to maintain enough energy to focus.

Tip: Try your best to get 9-11 hours of sleep each night. You’ll feel SO much better!

6.  Drink LOTS of water!

Staying hydrated is another important part of maintaining your focus. When you’re dehydrated, you’re likely to get headaches, have poor concentration, and have trouble with your short-term memory.

Tip: Carry a water bottle with you at all times throughout the day. Drink even when you’re not thirsty—you need it! 


We would love to hear from you. Share your stories on how you focus best.


The Benefits of Listening to Stories...

  • Allows me to practice paying attention, listening carefully, and remembering what was said
  • Helps me focus on the sounds of the words read without interruption
  • Provides me with a model for fluent reading
  • Guides me in the learning of punctuation, enunciation, and emphasis (which all help me understand the meaning of a sentence!)
  • Inspires my imagination as I bring the story to life in my mind

... Helps me become a focused learner