Starting the Day Off Strong: Take a Break for Breakfast

“The most important meal of the day”

Do you ever feel tired in the morning (even if you’ve gotten enough sleep)?

Do you ever find it almost impossible to engage in school?

Well… do you eat breakfast?


What’s the point?

You may be sick of people telling you to eat breakfast, but there really is a reason.

Think about it. We sleep for several hours at night (hopefully around 9-11 hours). That’s a lot of time to go without eating! That’s why it’s super important to break your fast and make some time for breakfast.

How is your body supposed to function properly without it? Breakfast gives your body energy to start a new day (and has other benefits as well!).

So, even if you don't feel like it or don't think you are hungry, remember that your body needs it.


What are the benefits?

Eating breakfast will help you perform better in the classroom and on the playground by helping with these skills:

-      Concentration

-      Problem solving

-      Eye-hand coordination

It will also raise your energy and your mood!

If you think that skipping breakfast is better for your weight: It actually has the opposite effect and will make you gain weight.


What should I eat for breakfast?

Eating a balanced breakfast is super important.

Try to include:

-      Carbohydrates

o  Gives immediate energy!

-      Protein

o  Gives energy after the carbs run out

-      Fiber

o  Fills you up, discourages hunger


-      Whole-grain cereals, bagels and muffins are great options because you can take them to-go if needed.

-      Fruit is also always a good choice and can be added onto anything you choose to eat.

-      Low-fat or nonfat yogurt or milk are an easy, healthy choice.

Choose one thing from each bullet point to put together an awesome breakfast.

If you want to spice is up, fruit smoothies are super fun and healthy. There are tons of healthy recipes online. Check them out!

Or, if you’re in a rush, here are some of my go-to foods:

-      Cereal or fruit in a bag

-      Small bottle of milk

-      Granola bar



Be sure to eat breakfast every day—even if it means you need to wake up a few minutes earlier! I promise it’ll be worth it.

Remember to stick to healthy choices to keep your body running throughout the day. You’ll find it’ll be much easier to focus and to be successful in school.


We would love to hear from you. Share your stories on how you start off your day.