Change Your Diet, Change Your World

“You are what you eat”

Stop right there!

Don’t take another bite of junk food until you’ve read this.

Then, the choice is yours.


Did you know? 

What you eat actually affects your productivity. Food has a direct impact on your ability to focus, to use your memory, and even just to think!


What is Nutrition? 

Nutrition is everything that you eat or drink. Your body uses nutrients from food to function properly and stay healthy.

Examples of nutrients are:

  •  Carbohydrates
  •  Proteins
  •  Fats
  •  Vitamins
  •  Minerals

Nutrients give your body energy to grow, be active, and to learn. BUT, only in the right amounts.


Think Ahead

Junk food might seem easier or like more fun, but it will only make you feel weak.

It is a short-term solution to hunger and will make your day much harder.

Instead, look towards the future and pick the long-term solution!


Making the Right Choices

Eating healthy will not only make you feel better, but will also make your life at school and outside of school so much easier.

With better nutrition, your learning will improve, you will have more restful sleep, and your mood will be more balanced.

Luckily, there are plenty of foods that both are healthy and taste good.

Some of my go-to snacks are:

  • Sliced apples (or any fruit — I LOVE strawberries)
  • Carrots and dip
  • Yogurt

My favorite recipes to make are:

Fruit smoothie

  • A handful of spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 2 handfuls of blueberries
  • 5-7 strawberries
  • ½ cup of vanilla yogurt (can use soy, Greek, etc.)
  • A splash of vanilla soymilk (can use almond, white, etc.)
  • A splash of apple juice or lemonade
  • Ice cubes

Peanut butter fluff on apple cinnamon or caramel mini rice cakes

  •  1 container (15 ounces) of ricotta cheese – fat free, light, or regular
  •  ¼ cup of peanut butter
  •  1-2 tablespoons of honey – or more to taste
  •  ½ teaspoon of vanilla
  •  ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  •  Place all ingredients in food processor or blender. Process until smooth. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate (we like to put it in a pastry bag). Use as a spread on rice cakes.



Things to Put in Your Diet

  •  Fruits and vegetables
  •  Protein (Fish, eggs, nuts, chicken, turkey, etc.)
  •  Whole-grain breads and cereals
  •  Low-fat dairy products (Milk, cheese, etc.)
  • Water

Things to Limit

  •  Fried, fast, and junk food

Tip: Remember to always check food labels… make sure you know what you’re eating


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