Boxing Your Way to Better Health

“Punching the jitters away”

Did you know that boxing can have physical, academic, and emotional benefits?

For those of you who have a learning disability, you may be considering all of the possible ways to cope. You have so many options, and therefore important decisions to make.

The biggest choice you will have to make is what you will do to make your life easier.


How can boxing help me? 

What many don't know is that simply using a punching bag can help you manage in school and in life.

Whether you are ADHD, dyslexic, any other learning disability, or even if you don't have one at all, you should give it a try and experience the advantages.


How do I start?

We suggest putting a punching bag in your own home! There are many online for reasonable prices.

Ask your parents to buy you one so you can let off steam and clear your mind in the comfort and privacy of your house.

Once you have a pair of boxing gloves, you can get started!


What are the benefits? 

Recently, I met a woman who struggles with ADHD. As we talked, she shared with me how she learned to cope. As a child, she tried many different medications, but they only made her worse. Her dad then had the idea to buy a punching bag to keep at their house. Every day she would go punch her jitters away. Day by day, her mind became clearer and she had an easier time focusing.

Her dad had the right idea. Boxing is actually proven to help in many different areas.



 Physical health

  • o  Practices eye-to-hand coordination
  • o  Develops footwork and mobility
  • o  Improves balance and coordination
  • o  Builds healthier bodies and denser muscles

 Psychological health

  • o  Boosts self-confidence
  • o  Makes people less aggressive
  • o  Enhances self-awareness
  • o  Develops emotional control
  • o  Improves focus
  • o  Relieves stress


  • o  Channels energy, aggression, and restlessness in productive way
  • o  Teaches self-defense and self-protection
  • o  Inspires trust in others
  • o  Provides good role models
  • o  Teaches discipline and self-improvement
  • o  Promotes determination
  • o  Provides safe space

 Deeper sleep

  • o  Better muscle and bone growth
  • o  Increases mental alertness and brainpower



If you’re having trouble managing your learning disability or just school in general, give boxing a try. There are so many benefits that it’s worth testing it out!

And, if you don't like it, don't worry—there will always be other options.

We would love to hear from you. Share your stories on what helps you in life.